By Monica Chan (VI)

English 9: Angsty freshmen reading about other angsty freshmen.

English 10: No one actually read Jane Eyre

Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry Honors: You thought you were good at math, didn’t you…oh well…

AP Statistics: Dear Ms. Peake, can you send me the entire Upper School student email list? I need to do another survey.

Math 6:

Any Mr. Poprik class: “Ok Folks!”

Any Computer Science Class: The Labs and Problem Sets will bring my grade up, right?

AP US History: More like APUSH me off a cliff please.

US Environmental History Honors: Why didn’t I sign up for APUSH?

American Society and Culture: Boy, am I glad I didn’t sign up for APUSH.

Art Fundamentals: Wait, I thought this was supposed to be an easy graduation requirement!

Chemistry I: Colorado PhET.

AP Chemistry: A 70% curves to an A, right?

Honors Biology II: Were the Bio I Honors Projects not enough of a deterrent for you?

AP Physics C: Mechanics: Everything you learned last year, but add the word “derivative.”

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism: Math 7.