By Udochi Emeghara (V)

On Monday, January 22, the Drama II class held their annual drama assembly showcasing the skills they have worked on throughout the year. This year, the class performed “Appropriate Audience Behavior” by Mr. Ian McWerthy. This play spoofs behaviors that are deemed unacceptable by the theatre community, such as eating during a show or speaking loudly during a production. While this play spans many topics, there were many parts that stood out. Highlights included Stuart Clark (IV) bringing spaghetti on stage and proceeding to eat it and laugh uncontrollably; James Raincsuk (IV) complaining about his tax dollars being spent on terrible chairs; Maddie Pilla (IV) ranting in annoyance at the actions of her peers; Corby Elliot (IV) cheering rambunctiously; Kelsey Ransom (IV) preaching pretentiously; and Helen Baeck-Hubloux (IV) melting down at the end of the play. These are just a few of the moments that made the show so spectacular. The commitment to the art of acting was impeccable and was clearly seen in Josh Thau (IV) and Jessica Hutt’s (IV) portrayals of old people and the way Alexandra Weber (IV), Amy Composto (IV), Julia Guagliardo (IV), and Sonia Talarek (IV) stayed in character throughout the show.

In spite of time constraints, the Drama II class put on a stellar performance. According to Mr. Alan Van Antwerp, the Drama II teacher, the group started rehearsing after winter break: this is customary as Mr. Albert Romano, the former Drama II teacher and head of the Drama department, had always followed this schedule. Since winter break started a week later this year than in the past, this left the Drama II students only five rehearsals to learn all their lines and stage the play.

As it was his first production, Mr. Van Antwerp described the process as nerve-wracking, especially when showing the work to his peers. Still, he said he was lucky to have such talented students who were able to pull off this production. In addition, Mr. Romano was in the audience and congratulated the Drama II students and Mr. Van Antwerp on a job well done. All in all, it is clear that this assembly was received well by the community and that the Drama II class has made the Arts Department very proud.