By Ketaki Tavan (V)

Dr. Delvin Dinkins, who joins the community as the new Assistant Headmaster, previously worked at Episcopal Academy Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, serving as the Head of the Upper School and teaching English.

Dr. Dinkins received his B.A. in English from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. He then received his M.A. in Literacy and English Education from the University of Michigan and his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

When asked what activities he was involved in as a student, Dr. Dinkins said, “I really loved running in college—it was my main activity.” He also sang for an a cappella group and was involved with the gospel choir, literary magazine, and different affinity clubs. “I love the deep connections I made with my colleagues,” he said. “I have enormous affection for the schools, the experiences I had there, and the people I met.”

When asked about his first impressions of Pingry, Dr. Dinkins commented, “I love it! Even if every day or every moment isn’t a home run, I know this is a magnificent place that prides itself on being thoughtful and intentional across all aspects of the school environment.

“The club fair was a great example of the kind of autonomy and agency students here are afforded,” he said.

Dr. Dinkins’ goals for the year include trying to get to know as many people as he can and developing an intimate understanding of the Pingry environment. “Before the year is over,” he said, “I hope to have interacted with everyone at some point and to use those interactions as an opportunity to get to know what Pingry is all about.”

Although Dr. Dinkins is especially excited about big events like Homecoming, he also wants to “appreciate the magic of the everyday,” which includes small moments in classrooms and the hallways. “I look forward to learning more about what makes this place special to students, to faculty and staff, to families, and to alums,” he added.

When asked what obstacles he thinks he might encounter this year, Dr. Dinkins said, “Not knowing what I don’t know. I’m a person who likes names and faces, but it’s daunting to think about the 1000-or-so names and faces I want to get to know when I’m not interacting with them in the classroom every day.” Nevertheless, he does not believe this obstacle is insurmountable and looks forward to tackling it.

Dr. Dinkins wants the Pingry community to know that he is “a man of enormous principle” and that he “believes wholeheartedly in Pingry’s core values.”

“I believe in and embrace these values,” he said, “and it’s important for everyone to know that you’ll find me to be someone who’s optimistic, approachable, and friendly. I want to know what’s on the hearts and minds of people, and I believe in everyone’s inherent goodness. I don’t believe in judging people based on single stories, and my door is always open!”