By Jonathan Chen

Over the summer, Pingry underwent construction of the main building on the Basking Ridge campus to further improve the school.

The interior renovation created offices for new faculty members. Starting in the Upper School Office, the construction crew created a wall for Dr. Reid Cottingham’s new office, which is now where Mrs. Karen Peake’s office was last year. As the new Upper School Academic Dean, Dr. Cottingham has been enjoying her new office. “It is really convenient to be centrally located,” she said.  “I can see more students, and this office enables them to find me more easily.” Ms. Audrey Enriquez is now located in Dr. Cottingham’s old office in the English wing.

Dean Ross, the Dean of Student Life for Form V and VI, and Mrs. Peake, Pingry’s registrar, have relocated to the old admissions office, now known as the “Admin Office.” Dean Ross has moved into the office that used to belong to the Director of Admissions. The office has been reconstructed with a newly installed door. Dean Ross appreciates the shift: “It is a lot brighter, I can see more people, and more students and faculty stop in to say hi.” Mrs. Peake’s office is directly next to Dean Ross’s office. The office of Dr. Delvin Dinkins, Pingry’s new Assistant Headmaster, is in Dr. Diana Artis’ old office, and Mr. Nathaniel Conard, Pingry’s Headmaster, is still located in his original office.

The admissions department has relocated to the Multi-purpose Room. The area has been completely renovated with brand new carpeting, desks, and rooms. Dr. Artis, Mrs. Brunhouse, and the rest of the admissions department have new offices in this newly renovated space. Two-thirds of the old Multi-purpose Room is now the “admissions suite,” since wrestling is now held in the Bugliari Athletic Center.

Finally, part of the mail room was changed into the office of Ms. Carol Mahida, the new Dean of Student Life for Form III and IV. The construction team installed a wall between the mail room and Dean Mahida’s office. The mail room is still in its original location, but it has been reduced in size.

All in all, the faculty looks forward to a great year in their new offices and positions. Dean Ross said, “It’s not that different, just a lot of internal shuffling.” Now, it will be easier to find the teachers and advisors, as their offices are located towards the main entrance of the school. Dr. Cottingham says, “I am very lucky to have such a nice office and to be surrounded by people whom I love to work with every day. This is going to be a great year!”