By Kelly Cao (III)

After two years, the Pingry Faculty must sadly say goodbye to Ms. Haley Kost, who has made the decision to depart Pingry to be closer with family. During her tenure, Ms. Kost has taught Form I history.

Before arriving at Pingry, Ms. Kost worked at King’s Academy in Jordan, teaching tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade History, as well as Economics and English. She decided to join Pingry because of its “innovative middle school” and “great community.” Upon her arrival, she immersed herself in Pingry life, becoming the Rainbow Club advisor and helping with the Debate Club. She additionally coached the soccer and basketball teams.

Originally from Chicago, Ms. Kost discovered her love for teaching in high school after participating in a program that taught younger students a variety of instruments. She majored in Education at Northwestern University, solidifying her interest in history despite her initial choice to pursue music. Ms. Kost found history to be her most difficult subject; however, she also found it to be the most interesting, and as a result, she now understands learning history enables people to “reflect and see how they can impact our future.” After discovering such passion for history, Ms. Kost graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a focus on history. 

Her favorite memories from her time at the Middle School are the events that she attended, such as the Middle School faculty and student basketball game. She will miss the students’ energy and questions the most, which contributed to her growth as a teacher. Ms. Kost is very grateful for the faculty and students, who have welcomed and supported her throughout her tenure. We will miss you, Ms. Kost, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!