By Brooke Pan (VI)

Although Pingry athletics does look very different this year, the Girls’ Squash team is plowing forward unfazed. Led by captains Lauren Drzala (VI) and Mahek Hemani (VI), the team has put in hours of work on the courts in preparation for the season. The captains have also made an effort to replicate the team aspect of the game as well. In replacement of the usual sleepovers, Drzala and Hemani have many other team bonding activities in store for both the varsity and JV teams. There are still many changes to the sport that are beyond anyone’s control: “Our season has been severely cut in terms of length, as now we only have a month or two,” Hemani said. “Our matches are definitely reduced and the most fun activity at the end of the season, Nationals, will most likely be cancelled as well.” Despite the issues that COVID-19 has imposed on the team, Drzala noted that “it is a difficult time for everyone and our number one priority is to keep everyone safe. Fingers crossed if everything cools down before the end of the season, I’d look forward to a promising season.”