By Hansen Zhang (III)

Although there has been a great deal of uncertainty regarding winter sports, the winter track team hopes to put another successful season in the books this year. The team is led by coach Mr. Christopher Shilts and captains Christian Collela (VI) and Henry Wood (VI). This year,  they will have a shortened season, with practice beginning on February 1st and the competitive season lasting from February 16th to March 27th. When asked about the effect that COVID might have on the season, Niles Luke (V) said, “It’s definitely going to make things harder. At the same time, I think that working out and being able to run won’t be impacted too much.” However, finding meets to compete at is a primary concern. Henry Wood (VI) states, “We’re not allowed to have any interstate traveling. A lot of our venues are in different states, and now we can’t go to any of those places”. Although meets play a significant part of winter track, both runners emphasized that showing improvement each year is ultimately most important. During the next month or two, the winter track team will be heading into the unknown, but they certainly have the right mindset to succeed in the upcoming season. Niles Luke states, “We go into this season with the mentality to do our best in every race.”