By Brooke Pan (V)

After nearly thirty years in the Pingry community as both a student and a teacher, Mr. Crowley-Delman is leaving to further his interests in the outdoors. Having largely taught in the humanities department, Mr. Crowley-Delman will be shifting his focus outside of the classroom. Starting in  July, he will be serving as the Director of Outdoor Education at the Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, New York. 

Before coming to Pingry, Mr. Crowley-Delman worked in a wide variety of career fields, including real-estate, law, sales, and more. Through all of it, he notes, “I always wanted to learn more about human beings and their place in the world. So I decided to make that my career.” At Pingry, Mr. Crowley-Delman was able to explore his wonders for humanity, whether within the Pingry campus or out in nature. He influenced many of his students and colleagues with his passion for the outdoors, having led multiple domestic global programs, most of which focused on “wilderness travel, sustainability, and plant-based education.” When asked about his favorite memory of Pingry, Mr. Crowley-Delman found difficulty naming just one. He recalls an instance while on a backpacking trip he had led: “My dad’s backpack was so heavy that he fell over while putting it on and was trapped on the ground for a few minutes like a turtle on its back.”

Mr. Crowley-Delman carries this effervescent spirit with him wherever he goes and in whatever he is doing. He first attended Williams College, where he earned a BA with Honors in History, and he then went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Eastern Classics at St. John’s College. He brought his extensive background in history to Pingry, which he applied in his World History 9 and 10 courses, as well as his American Society and Culture classes. Outside of teaching classes, Mr. Crowley-Delman was also involved with many extracurricular activities, such as running the LeBow Oratorical Competition and coaching football and lacrosse for several years. Though, what Abby Parrish (V) was most impacted by were his efforts in Pingry’s Outing Club. “Crow-Del brings an energy and purpose to the school that no one else has. His passion for outdoor education and experiential learning has impacted me, and so many others, in the way we want to learn and grow as not only students, but also just as people.”

It is no question that Mr. Crowley-Delman has left an indelible impact on his students, whether they were directly taught by him or indirectly impacted by his work. In pouring all his heart and efforts into the Outing Club, he has created a legacy that will continue to inspire many students to come. Parrish notes, “We’ve already seen the impacts of the change he has been trying to create. It’s up to us now to do the best we can to continue [his legacy].” Mr. Crowley-Delman is leaving Pingry with a bittersweet farewell: “I’m so thankful for everything Pingry has given me after nearly thirty years. Most of all, I’m grateful for the students who continue to surprise me every day.”