Dean Koenig (V)

The girls’ varsity soccer team has had a successful season thus far, winning nine of the team’s first twelve games. The team, led by captains Emma Capanna (VI), Sofia Lombardo (VI), and Leah Mangold (VI), has been dominant in their wins; the goal differential for all nine wins has been greater than one, while only one of the team’s losses has been decided by more than one goal. The offense has managed to score forty-six goals so far, achieving an average of almost four goals per game. This powerful offense is complemented by an unwavering defense that has allowed only twelve total goals this season.

Head Coach Lauren Molinaro says, “We are in control of our own destiny… if we focus and put in the work, we will see results.” The players have a reputation to uphold their great work this season, as they won the sectional title last year. With great confidence in her team, Olivia Volpe (V) says, “We are beginning to hit our stride and we all know this year is going to be special.”