By Felicia Ho ’19

The girls’ basketball team is ready to start off its season with a swish. Coach Courtney Tierney’s hope is that the girls will “learn as a team daily, play with a fast-paced style, and be competitive in the Skyland Conference and the Prep Tournament.”

Captains Ally Hosler (VI), Alyson Feeley (V), and Solape Fakorede (VI) are optimistic about the upcoming season. Fakorede said her main goal for the team this season “is for us to just be the best that we can be.” Rather than focusing on winning just one specific game, Fakorede hopes to “put our all in every game, and fight for the W.”

Coach Tierney notes that Aly Feeley (V) and Olivia Volpe (IV) are two key players to watch for in the upcoming games.

In the end, the captains hope to foster a team that is supportive of each other, because “even though we want to win,” as Fakorede says, “it’s also about having fun.”

The team faces their first scrimmage of the season away against Oak Knoll on December 6.