By Noah Bergam (III)

The girls’ ice hockey team, led by captains Caroline Petrow-Cohen (VI) and Emma Lombardo (VI), has upheld an even 8-8 record this season as they head into the League Tournament.

“The season has been a lot of fun,” says Head Coach Ms. Kate Whitman-Annis. “We have a really strong team and they make each practice fun and enjoyable.”

The team has had many impressive individual showings as well. Emma Barrison (IV), who had never played ice hockey before the season began, became one of the top four goalies in the state.

Many players were new to the ice this season and improved in skill tremendously. However, more importantly, each teammate has “learned how to trust each other,” according to Mrs. Whitman-Annis. This has proven to be a great asset for them; Mrs. Whitman-Annis said, “When their passing is on, they are unstoppable.”

This year is the team’s last year in WIHLMA, or Womens’ Ice Hockey League of the Mid-Atlantic. Next year, they will join a more local league consisting of teams including those from Oak Knoll, Westfield, and Cranford.