By Nick Robinson (V)

The boys’ winter track team has had a great season this winter. The team came in second place at the State Relay Championships, a significantly better showing than that of last year. The team also came in third place at the Prep Championships, another big step up.

Captain Ben Vazquez (VI) said, “Despite many injuries, we stayed very strong throughout the season.”

Vazquez has had some incredible races in the 800 meter. Additionally, Tyler Williams (VI) and Henry Wood (III) excelled in the 400 and 1600 meter races respectively.

Coach Mr. Christopher Shilts said, “We only had ten boys; we overachieved.” Regarding the team captains, Mr. Shilts said, “Tyler and Ben have quietly become great leaders.”

Looking forward to next winter, Mr. Shilts said he wants to “get more boys out next year” and focus more on commitment to the team.