By Zara Jacob (III)

Snow will not stop this year’s girls winter track and field team! With captains Avery Schiffman (VI) and Anna Wood (VI), the team is getting ready to go, having had their first practice the Monday after Thanksgiving Break.

Head Coach Christopher Shilts spoke about the team’s goals for this year, putting emphasis on “the daily track and field commitment” and expecting every player to put their best foot forward.

With workouts, daily practice, and hard work, this year’s team is on the path to a successful season. On the topic of their goals for the season, Coach Shilts states that “they are not particularly worried about results, just the process.” This is an important sentiment to keep in mind as the winter track and field team focuses on the importance of personal goals and achievements as well as building camaraderie in their team.

With a great season ahead of them, the winter track and field team participated in their first competition at the Bishop Loughlin Games on December 16.