By Victoria Gu (IV)

The girls’ ice hockey team began their season with a scrimmage against Summit High School. The game ended in a 6-6 tie, but the team outshot Summit 20-19. With an aggressive start, the team is looking forward to a favorable season.

Head Coach Kate Whitman-Annis described how players both new to the team and returning are mingling well together. “They’re working hard and are always excited to get on the ice,” she said. “They really care about each other as a team.”

In addition to performing drills that refine their technique, the team has been competing with each other in casual games during practice. Coach Whitman-Annis is proud of the players’ growing teamwork.

The team’s goals, as always, include winning games. However, both the coach and the players of the team want to make sure “to have fun” and to “foster a team environment both on and off the ice,” as said by Coach Whitman-Annis. With a 3-3 record so far, the team aims to continue to practice with these goals in mind in order to further achieve both individual and team success.