By Kristine Fu ’19

The start of the winter shopping holidays begins with Black Friday–a day when retailers hope to turn a profit and our animal instinct of consumerism is unleashed. This past Black Friday, out of all the clothing retailers in New York City, I found myself spending four hours at ZARA (granted, one hour was spent in the horrendous line!). The sale of 30% off was not what attracted the five hundred people in the store; it was the winter fashion line that defied standard winter wear. In past winters, I had relied on Madewell and Anthropologie for quality sweaters, but I had always found the $90- $130 price tag a bit steep. Moreover, the plain grey sweaters lined in my closet were beginning to look more like a uniform than an expression of personal style.

As for new winter trends, tweed is making a comeback! There is nothing more iconic than the Chanel tweed piece. Coco Chanel’s use of the fabric was considered quite revolutionary, as it was inspired by menswear. Tweed is made by weaving the warp and weft, and it uses a variety of different kinds of threads. The unique combinations of colors and the overall irregular appearance makes it a personal fashion favorite. At ZARA, one can find tweed skirts ($39.90), their matching tweed tops ($35.90), tweed dresses of a variety of colors, and even tweed and denim combinations.

Culottes and trousers have become popular as well for their versatility, comfort, and effortlessness. Culottes are flowing pants that resemble a mid-length skirt and are usually paired with a statement belt. They come in a variety of styles ranging from pleated to ribbed. Rather than wearing restrictive black jeans everyday, opt for a pair of culottes or trousers.

Suede and fur coats are timeless winter staples, but be sure to always buy faux! Faux fur is cheaper, easier to clean, and just as fabulous. There is no better way to stand out from a crowd of black puffer jackets than to wear a faux fur coat. Faux suede feels the same as real suede, but is much easier clean and is more resistant to liquid than leather. Not only is suede soft and chic, but it also can be paired with anything. This winter, be sure to dress warm, but also – stay fashionable!