By Victoria Gu (IV)

The boys’ ice hockey team started their season with a win and a loss over Thanksgiving break. The first game was a 4-0 loss against Randolph High School, a formidable opponent. “Randolph is always a challenge,” Head Coach Scott Garrow said. However, the team made a comeback in the second game against Summit High School, winning 4-2. Players who scored against Summit include Nick Spinelli (V), Colin McKinnon (VI), Ryan Bush (IV), and Austin Parsons (VI).

This year, nine freshmen have joined the team, more than the number of members in any other grade. While the large number of new players means a large change in the team’s overall composition and dynamic, the team seems to be adjusting well.

With a 7-1 record so far, the team aims to win the Skyland Conference and advance to the state tournament. According to Coach Garrow, the team’s enthusiasm matches these goals: “They have a lot of energy, and they’re very competitive.”