By Ameera Ebrahim (III)

The boys’ fencing team has started off well. During preseason, the team alternated between footwork and conditioning every day.

As the regular season began, the team practiced the aforementioned footwork and conditioning as well as fencing under the supervision of head coach Ted Li. 

Captain Michael Sun (V) says his goal for this fencing season “is to make sure that everyone improves as a fencer and feels invested into the team.” It is clear that the team is driven by teamwork and a desire for everyone to improve as a fencer. This is especially important as brand new fencers on the team can learn from those who are more experienced.

With the new Bugliari Athletics Center, the team will be able to practice on electric fencing strips to aid them in achieving this goal. The boys participated in their first tournament on December 16th at Bernards High School.