By Kristine Fu ’19

Although the summer season of sundresses and denim shorts has sadly ended, fall is the perfect season to mix and match your summer wardrobe with cozy sweaters and cardigans. With temperatures rising and falling from 50 to 75 degrees in a single week, it may seem difficult to dress appropriately. However, it’s always a good idea to dress in layers during seasons like this, especially since some areas of the school are freezing cold while others are extremely warm. Cardigans and vests are definitely good investments for this season because of their versatility, simplicity, and comfort. Plaid shirts, which can be worn by men and women, will forever remain the staple item of fall fashion. New trends and looks in the hall for girls include: wide hoop earrings, flared sleeves, and Steve Madden flats. New trends and looks in the hall for boys include: rolled up khakis and basketball jerseys on dress down days. Both genders, however, forgo on the “no white after Labor Day” rule, opting for classic white sneakers. Frequently seen in the halls are Sperry topsiders, which are designed to be boating shoes. The rubber sole and comfortable lining makes it a sensible choice for girls and boys. As the weather starts to get colder, leather boots are a good way to keep warm while evoking elegance and style.

Although private schools like ours are stereotypically depicted to be preppy and pastel, don’t be afraid to break away from the trends and express yourself! The beautiful fall colors are perfect for inspiration. Rajeev Doraswamy (V) gives some tips on men’s fashion: “I like wearing vibrant fall colors like a bright maroon and even matching the color themes of my collared shirt with my pants.”  Kat Deliargyis (V) also agrees that color is a highlight of this season commenting, “My favorite part of fall fashion is the colors, especially in eye makeup and statement earrings. It’s all about the really funky stuff.” There is no better time to experiment with gold eyeshadow, peach blush, or a Bordeaux lipstick than this season. Kat also brings up a good point about statement jewelry. Any ensemble can be dramatically changed when paired with a layered necklace or a set of tassel earrings. One of my favorite things to do is to go to flea markets in Chelsea in New York City to find unique pieces of jewelry.

There have also been exciting new changes to the school dress code, which now allow for shorter dresses and skirts (at 4 inches above the knee) and tailored T-shirts. On the other hand, the dress code for dress down days will be more strictly enforced, officially banning sweatpants and pajama wear. While some may argue that limitations restrict creativity and self-expression, as Mr. Shilts said in my sophomore year English class, “under limits, one becomes even more creative.”