Ashleigh Provoost (IV)

Mr. Joseph Napolitano is thrilled to join the Pingry faculty as a teacher as well as a set designer. He will be co-teaching sections of the Scenic Costume and Design course this year, and has already been named Head Set Designer for all of Pingry’s drama productions. In addition to designing, he plans to assist in set construction, as well as tackle various other aspects of Pingry Drama, ranging from ticketing services to environmental graphic upgrades and marketing initiatives.

Before joining Pingry, Mr. Napolitano attended Rowan University. After graduating, he worked on design. “[I] collaborated with a variety of organizations and universities on creative placemaking, experience design projects, large-scale public art, and production design for theatre and television,” he mentioned. He’s also taught design workshops and classes and really enjoyed the experience, which is one of the reasons he wanted to teach at Pingry. “[They] inspired me to seek out further opportunities for sharing my knowledge of process,” he recalled.

So far, Mr. Napolitano enjoys being a part of the Pingry community. “My experiences thus far at Pingry have been wonderful!” he remarks. “I’m extremely grateful for the drama department faculty and staff. I could not have asked for a better team to be a part of.”

Mr. Napolitano is currently working with part of the Student Tech and Design Crew for this year’s fall play, Our Town. He has really enjoyed working with these students so far, stating, “I’m most grateful to have witnessed moments of brilliance amongst our theatre design/tech crew students in the shop.”

One goal he has for this year is to educate his students about the different areas of production design and hopefully spread his passion to aspiring designers. Another goal is to “draw parallels to adjacent areas of study [e.g., architecture, thematic design, technology, etc.] and identify specific skills that are used not only in theatre-making, but in many other disciplines as well.”

Outside of Pingry, Mr. Napolitano designs professional productions, including Into the Woods, Urinetown, and other productions both on and off Broadway, and has won multiple awards for his designs.

He also is passionate about sustainability in his profession, and enjoys working with the charitable organization Broadway Green Alliance. With this organization, he works “on multiple sustainable initiatives industry-wide,” which promote recycling and sustainability in the Broadway community.

He is incredibly excited to getting to know the community in the upcoming year! Welcome, Mr. Napolitano!